We make it our business to solve the interdisciplinary tasks of our customers in a sustainable, resource-conserving and climate-friendly way.  We see sustainability as the central challenge for the future of our society.

Sustainability visions

We hope that we can continue to successfully make our contribution to a more sustainable economy. It is important to us that, in order to achieve progress, stakeholders work together even more than before to find better solutions. Our vision is to focus the public debate more strongly on fields of action that are essential from a sustainability point of view and that concrete effects become more important than good publicity. We see ourselves as supporters of the economy and society, so that it is possible to implement the climate goals we are striving for.

We see ourselves as a sustainability-oriented research institution. Our vision is that our staff and our projects contribute to the development of a sustainability-conscious and resource-conserving society.

We wish for the world to strengthen the exchange between countries on the topics of poverty, climate and sustainability, so that future generations will also find a planet worth living on.  In order to achieve this, respect and joint action by nations is necessary to create an economic system that achieves employment, stable prices and external economic balance.

As bifa Umweltinstitut GmbH, we stand behind all future guidelines. This is reflected in our projects, which deal with topics such as renewable energies, circular economy, recycling and environmental management.

In our projects we want to

improve energy and material efficiency

  •     operate in a resource-efficient and resource-conserving way
  •     strengthen recycling processes and reuse
  •     expand renewable energies and secure energy supply

Promote innovation and knowledge transfer between science and industry

living education holistically

  •     Strengthening social, ecological, economic, cultural and political education

Strengthening and developing participation and civic engagement

  • assuming joint responsibility
  •     Increasing openness and transparency of administration and politics and involving them at an early stage

Our most important sustainability achievements:

In the past 30 years, we have worked on more than 1,500 projects with clear practical relevance and many concrete implementations.   We support companies, municipalities and associations in the implementation of environmentally relevant topics.

Projects on environmental topics

  •     Climate adaptation measures
  •     Climate-friendly implementations in industry and society
  •     Optimisation of the circular economy
  •     Renewable energies - sector coupling
  •     Environmentally relevant optimisation of operational processes
  •     Resource-efficient handling of raw materials and material flows

Projects on economic topics

  •     Life cycle assessment of processes and products
  •     Ecological footprint for companies, processes and products
  •     Implementation of heat recovery and heat networks
  •     Heat networks

Projects on social issues

  •     Reducing waste and packaging
  •     Citizen surveys on environmental issues
  •     Improving transparency