Climate change has long been a fact and investments in climate adaptation reduce costs

With the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change ( DAS ), the German government is pursuing a clear goal: to increase the adaptive capacity of natural, social and economic systems to the unavoidable impacts of climate change and to reduce their vulnerability. The goals of the measures are health, jobs, poverty reduction, water and food security, social justice, biodiversity and intact ecosystems at international, national and local level.

From a scientific point of view, climate change has long been a fact. For example, the average annual temperature has increased twice as much as the global average over the past hundred years. In addition to the melting of glaciers that can already be observed today, rising temperatures will lead to a reduction in groundwater recharge as well as to decreasing precipitation in summer and increasing precipitation in winter.

More complex links between climate impacts and the (regional) development of society are often not seen. A targeted examination of possible reactions of competing companies or of changed customer expectations often does not take place.

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