With waste management to a circular economy and more sustainability

In the face of global resource scarcity, waste has long served as a source of raw materials, which means that waste management has always been raw materials management. The challenge today is no longer just to manage waste, but to transform the linear economy into a circular economy.

In most cases, a holistic optimisation of waste management must take place. We therefore support municipalities and companies with our experience in the transformation to a circular economy by drawing up suitable waste management concepts together with you, developing recycling processes or carrying out feasibility studies.

Always in focus: the legal regulations, the state of the art and the maxims of sustainability.

We support you in your projects with:

  •     Municipal and company waste management concepts
  •     Development of recycling processes
  •     Evaluation of waste systems
  •     Characterisation of waste
  •     Optimisation of waste management
  •     Waste forecasting
  •     Feasibility analyses
  •     Site analyses
  •     Ecological and economic comparison of solutions
  •     Support for sustainability reporting according to CSRD