Optimise processes in operations and production and reduce costs

Against the background of rising prices and the increasing scarcity of raw materials, manufacturing companies are increasingly confronted with high material costs. Resource-efficient measures, more flexible material flow management and innovative technologies can conserve resources and save costs.
In order to recognise ecological and economic potentials, it is necessary to consider the material flows over the entire process chain. The focus here is not only on optimising material flows, but also on avoiding waste and closing cycles. Efficient material flow management is thus a suitable instrument for establishing a functioning resource economy, which also ensures the long-term strengthening of competitiveness and the relief of the environment.

We support you in your projects with:

- Material flow analyses
- Raw material and waste balances (e.g. solvent balances, recycling quotas)
- waste forecasts
- Development of resource-efficient technologies
- Optimisation of resource and waste management
- Evaluation of waste management systems