Environmental analytics identifies environmentally harmful substances

As a sub-field of chemical analytics, environmental analytics deals with the qualitative and quantitative investigation of various substances and materials in the environment. The analyses include both individual substances and sum parameters.

Protecting environmental resources is an important concern and is more topical than ever before. For this reason, environmental analysis has always been an integral part of many of our projects. We analyse solid and liquid environmental samples for their environmental relevance. Not only in research, but also in many industrial projects, knowledge of the composition of substances or fractions is a basic prerequisite for further action.

We support you in your projects:

  •     Slag analyses according to HP14
  •     Sorting analyses
  •     Waste analyses
  •     Project-accompanying analytics

Our range of services Environmental analysis:

    Preparation and phys.-chem. Parameters

  •         Sampling
    •         Sample preparation and division
    •         Loss on ignition / dry matter / water content
    •         Microwave digestions
    •         Sieve analyses
    •         Sampling
    •         Conductivity
    •         Eluate (Laga / DEV S4)
    •         pH / redox voltage
    •         Eluate
  •     Cations a. e-pos. Elements - ICP-OES
  •     Anions and e-neg. elements - ion chromatography
  •     Determination of mercury
  •     Sum parameter
    •         settleable substances
    •         Evaporation residue