note | 01.05.2023

Climate change – challenges for the economy

The challenges that climate change poses to the economy are complex and have long been noticeable.Its effects and new legal regulations require companies and the general public to rethink occur.

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In addition to important efforts to slow down global warming, companies must take adaptive measures to manage the impact of current and expected climatic conditions on their operations, productivity and employees.

Securing the future through climate adaptation in the company

In our projects with craft businesses, industrial companies, trade, municipalities and energy suppliers, it becomes clear again and again: both positive and negative consequences of climate change are already a reality for companies today. Across all industries, companies agree on the importance of improving health and safety at work: the workforce must be trained in a sustainable manner, preventive measures must be expanded, and employee loyalty plays a central role. Buildings must be designed to be extremely weatherproof – be it in heat, heavy rain or storms. Securing supply chains through restructuring and intensifying cooperation with regard to climate change-related issues. Topics has become elementary for many.

Use opportunities by opening up new business areas

It is important to identify or implement climate change-relevant product developments or services at an early stage.initiate and develop. We can support you through moderation, interviews and the development of concrete measures, such as climate protection and adaptation concepts.

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