bifa-aktuell | 24.07.2023

Sensitising for heat and its effects

bifa is developing a heat action plan for the City of Bergisch Gladbach

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The increasing number of hot days and heatwaves in Germany is a health threat, especially for heat-sensitive population groups, which in the worst case can lead to death. Based on a town climate analysis from 2021, analyses of the district and as part of the integrated climate protection concept with the climate adaptation field of action, the need for a heat action plan for the City of Bergisch Gladbach was identified and the bifa Umweltinstitut and Lohmeyer GmbH were engaged to develop it.

Concept and implementation of diverse participation formats

bifa drew up the participation concept as part of the development of the heat action plan and has been implementing it since April 2023. In an online and face-to-face survey, citizens citywide were asked about the topic of heat. In addition, a workshop was held with representatives of the city administration and two in-person workshops were held with disseminators (influential spreaders) of heat-sensitive groups, such as small children, the chronically ill and homeless people. These workshops were supplemented by expert interviews. The goal of the participation formats is to develop joint measures, which sensitise the population of Bergisch Gladbach to heatwaves and point out action options and protective measures.

In the following project phase, action fact sheets will be developed on the basis of the evaluation of the workshops and interviews and the ideas formulated from the survey, and structural prevention measures will be modelled and assessed by way of example for selected heat hotspots.