bifa-aktuell | 24.07.2023

Climate protection concept for Augsburg Technical University of Applied Sciences

bifa produces the CO2 balance, determines the potential and moderates the participation of stakeholders

Augsburg Technical University of Applied Sciences (Technische Hochschule Augsburg - THA) is one of the largest universities in the Bavarian region of Swabia. An integrated climate protection concept is planned to describe the THA’s path to climate neutrality as part of its sustainability strategy and to support its climate protection management.
The Federal Government’s National Climate Protection Initiative (Nationalen Klimaschutzinitiative - NKI) is providing the funding for the development of this integrated climate protection concept.

bifa is helping the THA to develop the concept

As the starting point, a comprehensive CO2 balance of the whole university will be drawn up according to the GHG Protocol. On this basis, bifa will determine the relevant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and will forecast the future CO2 emissions of the THA within the framework of scenarios.

Involvement of the stakeholders is essential for the formulation of specific reduction measures. To this end, bifa will hold workshops with the relevant players.

The THA will then use the work of bifa to complete the climate protection concept by the end of May 2024.