project | 07.05.2023

Sustainability concept for HEINZ Entsorgung GmbH

We support companies with the specification of their SDGs

The HEINZ company in Moosburg transports waste, sorts used packaging and develops disposal concepts. Sustainable entrepreneurship is already an important concern for HEINZ. To intensify its own efforts still further, HEINZ has worked with us to produce a sustainability programme. Together, the sustainability goals were identified and specific measures for achieving them were formulated.

Sustainable development goals

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) provide the framework for the HEINZ sustainability concept. These sustainability goals describe the central global challenges of our time: Ending extreme poverty; fighting inequalities and injustices. 

The goals and measures of the sustainability concept were drawn up together by the persons responsible in the relevant operating areas. We moderated the process and provided content ideas. During three workshops, the central contents were worked up, the courses were set and decisions were made. At the end, a programme now exists to which HEINZ has committed itself. In future, the sustainability efforts will concentrate on the three areas of climate and energy, resource conservation and social responsibility, health and education.