note | 19.09.2023

Results of the research project "Adaptation to climate change for companies in the timber construction industry"

Hotter summers, milder winters, more frequent heavy rains and storms - the consequences of climate change are increasingly being felt by craft businesses, whether in terms of work processes, the availability of raw materials or the protection of employees.

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For example, the increase in heat days and rising air temperatures impair the performance of employees on construction sites as well as in factory halls. In addition, rising ozone concentrations and increased UV radiation can lead to serious health risks, such as cardiovascular problems or an increased risk of skin cancer.

As part of the research project "Adaptation to Climate Change for Companies in the Timber Construction Industry" (KA-Hoba), funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, a systematic examination of the consequences of climate change for the various trades and how these can be overcome took place in close cooperation with Taglieber Holzbau GmbH. The focus was on the products, the workforce as well as customers and suppliers. Measures and concepts were developed to strengthen the company's ability to resist and adapt to the consequences of climate change and to integrate them into operational processes.

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